Swiftea is an open-source database of websites and a minimal search engine developed by Nathan Seva et Hugo Posnic.

Open Source

Source code is available on GitHub under the GNU GPL v3 license. It works through two programs:

  • Crawler: it browses the web to know a maximum of webpages and fill our database. It is coded in Python.
  • Web: this is the interface that shows you the results of your search and provides you an access to our database by using our API. It is written in PHP.


The results you see when you perform a search are classified according to several criteria:

  • TF-IDF method
  • A score calculated uniquely for each page
  • A popularity index measured by the crawler
  • The keywords in the address of each page

If a page abuses the use of optimized keywords, it is penalized in the results.


The website and the database are stored free of charge at PlanetHoster thanks to its World Lite formula.